Thou Shalt Not Bite Your Sister

Musician Paul Thorn has a song entitled, “Everybody Looks Good at the Starting Line,” that I sing to myself every once in a while. I sing “to myself,” because even I can’t stand the sound of my “sing out loud” voice. I tend to do this when I get overly ambitious and decide to go […]

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On Waiting A Moment Or 60

I frustrate Ollie to no end sometimes. I flit about from one topic to the next, sprinkling in questions and observations at break neck speed. It never occurred to me that it was a problem. I spent a great deal of his youth speaking for him, as I mentioned earlier. I also was guilty of […]

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I think one of the reasons it’s taken nearly 7 years to finally get this site up and running, is because when I am in the middle of something, I cannot see. It has taken this long to gain appreciation and perspective for just how hard Ollie has worked and the progress he’s made. Time […]

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From Facebook with Love

Writing about whatever is going on in my life is something I’ve done forever. Over the years, Facebook has been my “diary,” so to speak. So every once in a while, I will add snippets and posts of what I wrote, and when I wrote it. Memories have a funny way of getting clouded…either darker […]

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About A Boy and a Twig

I don’t know how long it had been going on before I noticed. I was working with a speech therapist who was teaching Ollie to communicate using sign language, (he was born with an unrelated condition that required therapy to help him.) I was speaking to the therapist, when I saw him pick up a […]

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My son, Ollie, staring out at the Pacific Ocean, fog blurring the junctures of water, land, and sky.  This is it.  This is how he might describe his world.  I say might, because he has never actually used those words to describe what it is like to be autistic.  Those are the words that I chose.  I […]

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