Where August Went

In only a few days, we’ll be saying goodbye to summer. In trying to explain the transition back to school, and having Ollie insist that there CANNOT be school in the summer because SUMMER has VACATION after it, I found myself looking at the calendar to find the “official” start of the fall season.

Doesn’t make sense to me either.

But I do not pretend to desire an extra month of home-bound children, either. 🙂

Going from summer, where the routine is thrown out the window…which in this autisfamily, means that bedtime is when you are tired, or when mom gets ready for bed, whichever comes first. Just so happens, that time is roughly one hour later than the bedtime set for school. 🙂

I am not sure if this is true for every autisfamily, but we have a definite sleep problem in this house. I can set a bedtime, shut the lights, and be sleeping fairly soundly and then suddenly, I wake up in a panic. Somehow, a parent just knows, sometimes…and 9 times out of 10, when I wake up in the middle of the night, I’ll hear a mad rush to the bed as I pass Ollie’s bedroom door.

Years ago, (as in two, 🙂 ) this would be the start of a very long night of debating bedtime and why we need sleep even if we don’t feel tired, and on and on. I never once won a debate. I find that trying to argue with someone, (on the spectrum or not) about a thing that they very much want/need to hold on to, is a exercise in futility. It just didn’t work for us, because a meltdown on top of sleep deprivation is a thing that nightmares are made of–and a surefire guarantee that no one would be getting any rest.

So, I made a deal with Ollie…he could stay up as late as he needed to, but the first time he woke up in the morning grumpy, the first moment he did not do well in school, or he was regressing, then I would choose the bedtime…and subtract an hour from that. He’s a smart kiddo, didn’t take long to figure it out. 🙂

So far, no problems. He’s almost 16, so I don’t expect miracles, here, but he values this autonomy. Partly, I think, because he feels he is able to handle it, and partly, I think, because he knows it is so incredibly hard for me to handle it. 🙂

So yes, August went by too quickly, and I have been remiss about getting back at it here. We had a full summer, and for that I won’t apologize, but now that we’re settled back into routine and a little less sleep deprived, I am looking forward to writing here more often. Life is good in the corner of Austisland, it is my hope that your corner is doing alright too. 🙂

Be well,



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