How Did You Do That?

I do not think I will ever grow tired of discovering the things that Ollie loves to do. He sees the world in such a different way than I do. My mind is off in 50 different directions at any given moment, while his…well let’s just say he is a “one thing at a time” kind of guy.

I think the first “one thing” that I can remember is his love for “all things Thomas the Tank Engine,” lining the train cars up in a particular order, arranged in a particular fashion, and assigning each a particular duty, was how he would play. Not so different, in a way, from any child playing with toys.

It wasn’t until “all things Lego” came to the fore, that I had the opportunity to really see the world through his eyes. Symmetry, color, shapes, sizes…take on a whole new meaning when I look at his creations. I have a hard time reconciling the kiddo who just had the meltdown to end all meltdowns not 4 hours before he created the piece in the photo above, and the one who can calculate, in his head, exactly where to put each piece and in what color, to bring such harmony in a creation.

I guess I don’t have to know. I suppose the great mystery of how my kiddo perceives the things of this world are neither up for debate or dependent on my comprehension. He is who he is, and he thinks how he thinks, and I love both of those very, very, much.


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