Tough Love is Tough

This is post I made few years back…the incident I wrote about made such a huge, huge, impact on our family, and I wanted to share this with other parents that are at their wit’s end. I’m not saying this is the only solution, I am saying that there are more options for us than we allow ourselves, sometimes. Continued gratitude to our local men and women in blue…you have made Ollie’s life, and ours, so much better. ❤

A rubber ball at a local store. That is all it took to have the “Oh no, you didn’t” mama take the reins. I have already told you guys about the trouble we’ve had with Ollie memorizing my credit cards (all canceled–blessing in disguise, perhaps) to order Lego heads off of Amazon. Well, nothing I was able to do was getting through to him. His dad talked to him too, and it worked for a while…but Ollie didn’t realize how serious the situation was, until his sister caught him trying to take a rubber ball as we were exiting the store…and off we went to the County Sheriffs office.

Blame it on the Super Moon, but I had become “Mama Done!” Through snot and tears and screams of “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to!” and “I won’t do it again!” we pulled in to the parking space and went in, where we were directed to call dispatch.

Within 5 minutes of getting home, Our very own City Chief of Police came to talk with Ollie. That’s kind of a huge deal! 🙂 It certainly got Ollie’s attention! He was kind, and Ollie listened carefully to his words. They shook hands on an agreement that he not try to take anything that was not his again, and Ollie even sang a song for the officer.

True respect and gratitude for our local men and women in blue. Even the seemingly trivial things like this matter….and the fact that we were treated with respect and kindness only proves to me that now, more than ever, painting with broad brushes and making assumptions about any particular group of people is wrong.

Ollie is now happily playing with Legos and singing his big-little heart out. Parenting is a helluva tough job…but you know what? Most days I wind up learning more than I teach, and a lesson in kindness and understanding is one step in learning how to move forward with purpose and dedication.  #Autismom

Update: As of this posting, no incident, not even so much as a dime out of my pocketbook, has been missing since the officer spoke with Ollie. THAT is called : “AWESOME!” ❤


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